"The most beneficial work I have ever undertaken."




I’m grateful Alicia. Truly, of the many teachers and healers whose courses I’ve taken over the years, I find you the most relatable and accessible. You exude a good humored competence that creates a sense of trust in your leadership abilities. I feel this deep in my soul. It does seem that suddenly my feeling body is really tuned and functioning as it was designed to and that listening to my intuition is easier for me. It has been quite a long journey to this point but that hardly seems to matter to me now. I feel as a high powered aircraft fully fueled and idling on the runway, ready to take off. It’s very exciting just to be alive and aware of the possibilities that await me still in this lifetime. If I can help others take off as you are helping me, the long journey will not just be worth it, it will have been perfect and necessary in order to have gained the experience that propels me forward “without failing.” So much love to you this beautiful evening Alicia. So glad we are on this planet at the same time. 😊 - Judith USA


Just want to thank you so much for your joy and your exquisite humor too; they really bring me courage and inspire me to step into my role as a teacher and a free human. It is endlessly intriguing to experience your unique gift sharing what the beautiful creator beings are offering humanity. Even though you (and they) explain everything so well, my logical mind is still quite dumbfounded about how it can be so powerful and life changing. - Kristin USA


I'm a researcher and spiritual practitioner myself, and I'm very selective with the things I tune into and feel a real resonance with. I could feel from the very first time I signed up for one of your transmissions that this was a very special, very high-frequency offering, and I've continued to feel this every time I've participated. – Dana


I was so amazed at the "incredible love" that was extended to all of us in the Livestream group, as well as the totality of humanity, Mother Earth and all the creations on the Earth. I don't have the words as to the level of gratitude and deep heartfelt emotion that I have for the Creator Beings for attending to us with such love, kindness, caring and compassion. I also want to Thank you Alicia for being the bridge for this high level of light, so that we could allow this into our energetic systems so easily and effortlessly. WOW. Sending this love and gratitude back to all that assisted with this 'heavenly gift.' Love Janet...


Since yesterday's journey, I have already changed! I began to exercise, something that I have been putting off each day! I feel joyful and energized now. I feel like doing things that I was not motivated to do before doing the journey twice. I can imagine how I will feel after doing it everyday! Wow! Wow! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you, and the Creator Beings! Much love! Namaste! – Diane


Dear Alicia!

I simply adore your work and your pure heart! I love your humble appreciation for all the spiritual teachers, you have been in contact with, through the years. When I saw you the first time on You Tube, you made a rather "mainstream" impression on me and that was a couple of years ago.

In the meantime I was learning from lots of spiritual teachers - and it's recognizable, that you have the ability to simply "boil it all down" to an "extract" that is your programs. So VERY profound, deep and true. And yet, you've found the way, to say the truth, in such a simple way! Amazing! (I think though a lot of people will not be able to see the vastness of your knowledge, dedication and humbleness with love - because of the "simplistic" way you say it).

But never mind, they will perhaps come back to you, after going complicated & sophisticated for a while. Thank you soo much for sharing your wisdom in this beautiful heartfelt loving manner. This is not yet another "personal development" internet program. No! It's something very very extraordinary! Every word of Alicia comes from love and light!  LOT'S of love, Sara


For me, last night was the equivalent of a whole lifetime of learning! The pieces are expanding and rearranging and ..... I just am out of words. And full of gratitude and love and good light. Gentle hugs to you Alicia!, Jeannie


Thank you beautiful Soul Alicia! I am feeling extremely grateful this afternoon as some of the pain in my back from a recent injury has lifted and the remainder is coming to the surface to be released! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! That group hug from the beautiful Angels was very healing! Love & Blessings! Sybil xx


Alicia, wow. This channeled conversation with spirit was very important for me. I have been working with your courses for some time now with some breaks, but recently with a new spirit and conviction. I get now that I was always working. I was working to clear away the doubts, the fears, the disillusionment of many decades of thinking I wanted something when i really hadn’t made a true heart commitment. I started to glean that truth at the beginning of this conversation as I realized that as you said numerous times, this decision is a contract. These wondrous spirit beings are willing to help those of us who are willing to help ourselves. Our focus and intention needs to be intense to match the level of help being offered. While they may be doing the actual rewiring our presence in and throughout the process must be a committed and devoted act of focus and attention. This is a partnership. I can see how much of my life has been spent sitting on the fence unable to take the leap of faith that would and will bring my dream of myself into a full reality. I want to shine but have been too afraid of my light to allow it. I’m not afraid anymore. I see you shining like the sun and am inspired to follow your lead. Thank you so much for sharing this gift. I am grateful indeed. With love and gratitude. J. M.


Alicia, how absolutely wonderful! I am overflowing with gratitude that my Soul is blessing me, with such a brilliant mentor, for a time such as this! Thank you, thank you thank you, Love, Unity, Joy, dancing in the Light. My Soul has not felt this energized in a very long time. So looking forward to opening my next Gift! :)  Essa


Alicia, each class I do has its own unique lessons but today’s has been the most powerful yet. I had an amazing time meeting my Spirit Tudor and the group of Light Beings. I shared my questions and fears and what I wanted for my soul for this incarnation. I was offered (and I accepted) an apprenticeship in the School of Light – to be taught by the masters is the highest honour for me as I love to learn. Thanks Jo  xo


I am so enjoying this course and your deep work. I try to listen to all your speaking engagements and find your work has been life-changing. Blessings Rhonda


Wonderful to finally find a teacher Alicia. I’ve been listening to your recent radio show with John – BTO -3 times actually and realized this is the next step….I’ve been learning, living/experiencing and teaching for many years, but still felt lacking… what have I really been looking for….how do I want to look back over my 70 yrs and see accomplishment…well much I can see…but because I’m not adept at clairvoyance, I’ve always felt that I was cut off from the light….Now, with your programs, I realize that the path has opened up for me …Thank you, thank you, thank you…I’m so excited!!! love and blessings. Lynn


Dear Alicia, found to your work through the Abundance Lightworkers Summit and it’s just the “right thing to the right time”. It’s incredibly powerful and something deep within came back to life, I love to do the exercises and to connect with the Angels & the Beings of Light, it feels so much at home. As you shared in the conversation with Jennifer, I am also connected to an Indian Guru for almost 3 decades … honestly me too, I am tired of chasing someone on the outside. Thank you once again for these great exercises and the great and highly inspiring talk with Jennifer. Love Annette πŸ’›


Alicia, You are an Angel. Thank you so much for all you do to help us grow. – Diane


Dear Alicia, thanks a million for this tool and introducing us to the tool of creating using our feeling. I have some situations coming up this week where I could use this. I feel that if I constantly use this tool as well as the other ideas that you spoke about it will take me from a place of powerlessness to feeling joy and bliss. Thanks again. Sending you lots of love, Romany


Hi Alicia – Thank you for walking me through such beautiful processes! I’m practicing doing them every day in my meditation but am finding when I’m relaxed first thing in the morning and several times during the day they pop into my mind and heart and I instantly stop, breathe and relax. Thank you so much!!  - Gail


Hi Alicia, I thank you for your explanation of the different forms of initiations… And the many levels of love. What a blessing to connect with the higher realms and soak in the radiance. During the extra ten minutes I experienced such love from a Creator Being, I burst into tears. Quickly there were many other Beings ‘operating ’ (I love the image of vacuuming) and shifting, and replacing parts of my heart and body. The grief was intense and I remembered you saying it would be only for a moment… and I relaxed. I feel more room inside to experience more love in the stillness. I’m looking forward to continuing the journey toward healing my soul’s sadness. – Daryl


Thank you Alicia and I’m thrilled to have this wonderful opportunity to now begin my deep and loving relationship with my soul. I highly recommend that others here listen to the Tele-Seminar recorded interview on your page also. It’s blown my mind how simple it is to function each day being able to ask for help and I cried…a lot..with joy…each time I felt a huge connection with spirit beings of love and light and especially my spirit guide. I am so incredibly grateful to you Alicia for creating this amazing course and the wealth of videos and tools available also on your YouTube channel.

My soul is grinning from ear to ear…I can feel it! βœ¨πŸ’–πŸ˜ƒπŸ’–βœ¨ xxxx Donna


Dear Alicia, it is not only the fact that you talk in your videos but the way you speak and present the message. You give me the tools to master my spiritual journey. It is a pleasure to hear your voice and see the expressions on your face. This opens my heart. “parting is such sweet sorrow” I and my soul says thank you. We give you a big hug. Douglas


Dear Alicia ~ You’re voice, so calm, compassionate, clearly caring……thank you for your gentle ways, like a sweet loving (magical!) nanny holding my hand, teaching, guiding patiently walking me through the hows of living and thriving in this (what can otherwise be bewildering) dimension. Thank you, sweet soul!! I love you!! – Janet


Alicia, I have been on a conscious spiritual journey since my early30’s I’m now 64. Despite experiencing MANY mini awakenings there was always an underlying “burden” or heaviness. I’ve worked with so many different healers and have been a practitioner myself as a Reiki Master and other modalities. I gave them all up as I “heard” they were all too slow. On a physical level I’ve been PUSHING through life, feeling a deep boredom and sadness. I covered it up and just kept pushing until my body stopped me in a state of deep exhaustion. since this time I’ve been unravelling so many layers of stuff. I’ve always been guided by my intuition and in the last few weeks put out a BIG CALL to my higher Self as I know I haven’t been hearing any guidance.THEN I was guided to listen to you on Beyond the Ordinary show with John Burgos. WOW!! I had a HUGE YES from my heart. I’ve been living as a “sensitive” and internalize everything. Since connecting to my Spirit mentors/techs I am noticing changes in my core, it feels more alive and vibrant, my thinking is different, getting new insights to how I perceived my reality. I KNOW I’ve been deeply influenced by shadow for eons and this lifetime is my greatest challenge to choose LOVE! I am SO grateful that I was guided to you Alicia. This is the most profound work I’ve experienced yet. I have felt disempowered all this life and I LOVE this work because it IS about SELF empowerment on the grandest scale!! Much love and gratitude, N. S.


I sooo appreciate your bright and beautiful energy, Alicia! I am soooo grateful to my good friend for introducing me to your work – I enjoy the lively pace, rich content, and amazingly uplifting, practical, and love-centered processes! You help make the spirit world a more relatable, friendly and accessible reality for me. THANK YOU!! I am looking forward to soaking in more and more of these delightful videos!! – Janet


Most precious & Beloved Alicia, what precious gems you are sharing from the v highest. Blessings & eternal gratitude, your divine connection is so so pure & pristine...we are basking in its glory daily. Thank you so so much. Sometimes we miss a download...we live in Southern India in Tiruvannamalai ...out in the countryside & internet is hit & miss ... & we tune in all the time. Sending oceans of love from Arunachala Shiva & Ramana Maharishi....& so many saints & masters too! What a beautiful & essential service you are providing for mankind. Tenderest hugs..... living in love & lightπŸ™πŸŽ‡πŸŽ†πŸŽ‰πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’– Shivanima


Hello there, I live in Sweden, found you on YouTube, I LOVE your message and energy, definately one of the highest on the planet! Love and light to you and your spirit teams! Mats


I'm new, I'm not sure if I'm in the correct section, but I want to tell you what transpired today at work.  I have not purchased the tapes yet, so my first training was with the five minute lesson early Monday morning around one a.m.  May 11, 2015.

I went to work that evening as I normally do, parked in the garage and went upstairs to the E.R. (emergency room); as soon as I got off the elevator, and walked amongst the people; I immediately felt multiple angels surround me, it was instant, layers of angels.  I was shocked. They surrounded my whole body, and as I walked about performing my duties, I felt their presence. I thanked them. I've never in my life felt so protected before. They made themselves known, there was a time or two that I forgot about them. At the end of my eight hour shift, I felt them, but it didn't feel as if they were the same amount. It seemed like they were less.

I hope this is not temporary. I enjoy their presence. 


I want to thank you for all these things you give us. I wished to have more clear communication with my guides and suddenly I got 3 great offers and you won because of the great joy that I felt in your voice. And any time I hear you, I also feel that Joy. It’s contagious! Thank you!!!!


I am SOOOOO grateful too. Haven't the words to wrap around the magnitude of this constant upgrading we are receiving from the HIGHEST levels of light and love.... so far above this universe. SUCH profound consciousness these teams come from.... 


Alicia was amazing on this call!! Her presence and dynamic power infused the entire call and uplifted us all to higher levels!!!! She worked on individuals and on the group throughout the whole time and she revealed simple, practical ways to anchor into your Divine self and change your reality now. She was a powerhouse who blessed us all profusely!!


Alicia—- oh my!!! Thank you for being the music and the dance that allows the Creator Beings to be with us! Last night was so great for me and I bet everyone, even on the replay! I am walking so much better today, and I had started using a cane again , a few days ago, but they took us all so deeply into a healing, maybe they got to the deepest level of this issue! I love being able to walk and move, but I also like how my mind is lighter too! Much Love, J. S.


Your devotion to Spirit, Infinite intelligence has brought such a significant amount of light to so many people, and has been so instrumental in me re-organizing at a core level. THANK YOU Alicia Power  -  A.C.


An incomparable treasure to feel safe, valued and Intelligently Informed. - Bonnie


You model to me what is possible as you are traveling your path. My heart is filled with gratitude to you for leading the way and shining a light. Thank you for fulfilling/sharing your destiny as an inspiration, learning and wisdom so we that follow may fulfill ours. With Heartfelt Gratitude and Love, Sue


Wow, this module was amazing. I can't wait to listen to this one again. Such important tools were provided. Alicia, your work is so helpful, thank you, thank you, thank you. πŸ₯° J.P.


My heart is filled with gratitude for the gift of this work with the Creator Beings. I have been on these calls since January 2020 and feel all the sessions have been excellent with this one taking the cake! To be able to partner with Spirit and be a conduit giving them access and partnering with them in their work with uplifting humanity touches me so deeply. And then on top of that, to feel the benefits on their work in me personally in response to their request again raises deep gratitude in my heart. I have known that I am here to serve and participating in this work is significant to me. Thank you dear Alicia and Creator Beings. I will continue my participation once or twice a week in the replays!" – Linda


Hello Alicia, Special thanks for the page “Angel Help for those Passed over” you sent out in May 2020.I did the process today less than 20 hours after my mom passed away (in another country). Although I’ve released my karma with her over the years, she was too attached to the earth plane including her children and I wanted to make sure she did not stay in the lower astral planes,

It was gratifying to see her escorted upwards towards the light.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Arpi


Alicia, I just want to express my gratitude to you for doing all of the work that you have done, for the past 30 years, so you can bring all of these resources to us. I have been following your work for the past year now and I do feel lighter and more inspired than before, even with everything going on in the world. I turn to your recordings every time I feel afraid and I feel connected and taken care of. I’ve also noticed a stringer connection with the creator beings that is keeps getting better every day and that’s the most amazing gift anyone could ask for. Thank you, thank you, thank you! – Christina


Super powerful and deeply transformational. I am beyond grateful at how my life has up-leveled from working with these Amazing Light Beings Alicia brings us each month. J.W.


Hello Alicia,

Thanks a lot for the video and all the other videos, they are great teaching and support. I am so happy that I can connect to you and your creator beings.

I live in Sweden so the monthly video is at 3 PM, but still I love to listen to it live! My highest wish is to shine my souls light and grove, and feel the love inside me, which give me strength and power to stand steady in my life for the highest light. I am so grateful for your work, and for the first time I can sense that things can change with speed and I love it.

Thanks again and lots of love, Elin


We are all so fortunate that you do this incredible work and make this available to us. I just want you to know how valuable this light, surgical spiritual work is for me and to thank you for your dedication and generosity in sharing this!

Thank you

Thank you

Thank you

Love O. J.


What you share here is invaluable for creating new points of reference to support our soul's development in the inner worlds. Thank you so much, Alicia, I feel more confident to be able to 'navigate' through these rapidly changing times with what I have learned in these modules. Much gratitude for being the 'wayshower for the wayshowers' ! – Lorna


Thank you for sticking with all the training you have done over the years... to now be able to introduce and bring forward... so many of us around the world to align with those wonderful senior level technicians - that are lovingly gifting us with their expertise. And a Thank you to Tina for all her help and support as well. You guys are on top of your game! Much Love and Gratitude,

Pamela πŸ˜‡πŸŒŽπŸŒπŸŒˆπŸ’“πŸŒ 


Wow, that was so helpful Alicia, such clear explanations and perfect timing . I've written everything down as always helps. For me your work /courses are a manual, for life, a map home, supporting our journey deep within. I am so grateful. Thank you Alicia πŸ’— Much love Janice


 I have been on a spiritual path for over 20 years, spending thousands of dollars on courses, channelings, spiritual excursions, books etc to enrich my life and provide me the answers. Nothing has catapulted me faster and further than the profound work with Alicia. It is the most beneficial work I have ever undertaken and I highly recommend it!

- Anne-Maree Huxley, Company Director 

Alicia, I can't thank you enough for each of these sessions and for being such a beacon of light in mylife. I am overwhelmed with gratitude. These sessions are making a huge, huge profound difference in my life and being. Thank you for doing this.

- Ruth Caplin, Web Developer, Project Manager  www.happyandfree.com


I was fortunate to attend the livestream group healing session and found it phenomenally rewarding. These sessions bring and uncover surprising, unexpected realizations, followed by equally unexpected support and healing. This one probably topped them all so far.  Right before Alicia channeled the advice to repeat this session frequently, I was already resolving to do so. I got so much out of this session and so much crusty, previously unknown to me, baggage was pulled out of my aura. I told them I'm letting go of all of it and don't even need to analyze or delve in to where when or why it all started / occurred, having the awareness it was from so many lifetimes. And then following all that blessed relief came a lot  more healing - on top of all that. I followed their advice to stay with the healing another 15 or 20 minutes afterward even though all I really wanted was to go have some vegan ice cream. πŸ˜‚ But then boy oh boy did they ever make it worth my while to stick with it for that additional time, so much surprising validation, uplifting and healing poured in, bonus on top of what had already happened before Alicia signed off. I'm so grateful and appreciative. ❀️

- Linda


 Thanks again for your magic, love, clarity and dedication. You are a blessing and gift to us all. I adore your encouragement. It has opened my heart, wide open, and I feel inspired and revitalized, and especially, reassured. In the words of a dear friend, 'YAY!

- Wendy Bloom, Company Director


 I am speechless! I thought my heart was open before... it is bursting now. If it weren't for the grin on my face that bubbled up from my heart, I'd be shedding tears of joy. THIS is what I've been looking for these past decades! Thank you so much beautiful Alicia. I'm overwhelmed with joy and gratitude for this clearly defined instruction. xoxo - Liv


Working with Alicia has inspired and enabled me to lighten up, have fun, and to make decisions in my personal life and business life that are in alignment with my body, mind, and soul. For many years I was too busy to even listen to the needs of my heart and soul, never mind act on them. Alicia has helped me find the path to true happiness. Having found the path, the challenge for me now is staying on the path. I love knowing I have a coach who is willing to walk beside me, empower me to avoid the side roads and dead ends, and remind me how to pull myself up out of the occasional hole. Working with Alicia is easy, powerful and life-changing. Thank you Alicia, from the heart.

- Carol Davis, Speaker, Workshop Leader, and Corporate Consultant


Alicia's gentle guidance easily dispels the fears usually associated with such an intense journey into our inner psyche and inner souls.  I have personally taken away from my sessions a great deal of insight, clarity and inner peace, and more importantly optimism about how to create extraordinary things in my life. 

The unique gift Alicia brings is that she does not leave us alone in our journey, but provides us with a wealth of ongoing support and guidance that may have otherwise been out of our reach. 

- Tracy Cahn, Corporate Psychologist. 


 Dear Alicia! I simply adore your work and your pure heart! I love your humble appreciation for all the spiritual teachers you have been in contact with through the years.

When I saw you the first time on You Tube, you made a rather "mainstream" impression on me and that was a couple of years ago. In the meantime I was learning from lots of spiritual teachers - and it's recognizable, that you have the ability to simply "boil it all down" to the "essence" - which are your programs. So VERY profound, deep and true, and yet, you've found the way to say the truth, in such a simple way! Amazing! (I think though a lot of people will not be able to see the vastness of your knowledge, dedication and humbleness with love - because of the "simplistic" way you say it). But never mind, they will perhaps come back to you, after going complicated & sophisticated for a while.

Thank you sooo much for sharing your wisdom in this beautiful heartfelt loving manner. This is not yet another "personal development" internet program. No ! It's something very very extraordinary! Every word of Alicia comes from love and light! LOT'S of love... Sara. "


Hi Alicia I love and get excited with your wonderful work and Spiritual expertise - and to have these great opportunities to work with my Soul and other Higher Beings! Their love is so strong - I feel them around me and I experience the feelings on part of my head. The option to raise my Soul evolution faster! Wow - Loved the xray technique! And the ability to align with my feelings. Love and Light - Trish


Hello Alicia, this is a life changing call! Your guidance to meet, be and merge with my spirit tutor guides is beautiful and authentic. I am opening to my highest potential in this life time with their help and love. Thank you for your beautiful guidance! Blessings, Alicia. - Toni


Dearest Alicia, my heart is filled with gratitude and joy because I have found you. It has been a long journey, I have looked for you in so many places... and I never gave up because I just knew I would find you, when it would be the right time. Breathing your teachings is just an amazing experience. The little girl in it me is so excited and sends you a tender hug from Paris. Beyond the ordinary led me to you, it is such a wonderful universe... What a blessing to be part of it. - Christelle



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